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Kill Team Argentum

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Re: Kill Team Argentum

Post by Mazzic on Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:59 pm


The scene when the lift opened and the necessity of the act it required weighted on Slyde for a moment. The Emperor's children deserved a better fate than the taint of the Warp, and though a quick death was merciful in comparison to live as a gibbering slave of madness, it stilled grieved the Astartes ever so slightly to have to extinguish even the lesser children like those among the crew. He paused a moment, considering the broken bodies, before entering the lift. He would slay those foul beasts responsible, as generations of his kind had done. "May the Emperor's light guide you free from the Chaos, little one," he muttered as he took his place next to the Librarian.

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Re: Kill Team Argentum

Post by Dagnon on Thu Oct 29, 2015 12:35 pm

The lift doors closed and it started moving, were it not for the helmets the stench in the lift would have made a normal man gag.

For a brief moment or twelve the lift moved down through the massive vessel before coming to a rest and the doors opened, the sound of Las fire broke the silence of the lift and the space marines stepped out into a major firefight.

Seven human troopers had formed a barricade and down the hall they were using unrelenting firepower to keep at bay a large demon like creature, their las gun barrels were piping red with heat and already the two space marines could see three las rifles discarded with barrels that had overheated or melted outright!


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